We used to see this unique creation (while under construction) on the way to Kurnool. It was located between three hillocks, next to the highway just before Anantapur. We stopped out of curiosity and were amazed at the sight.

This is an attempt to create the scene from the mythological story Ramayana; awakening of Kumbhakarna, the brother of the powerful demon king Ravana. According to the story, he was huge and was cursed to fall asleep immediately after a meal. Demon soldiers are trying to from his deep slumber using all possible ways… drumming into his ears, elephant prodding his head, pulling hair, poking with spears, tickling his sole, pulling hair, trying to get the aroma of food into his nose… The imagination is just too good.

We learnt from one of the workers that this is would be a restaurant under Andhra tourism department’s management.
This was the only visit to the place. Hope to see the restaurant some day.
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