Syntheri Rocks

October 1 evening I decided to go out towards Dandeli, thought I'll shoot pictures. October 2 morning I left home around 8 after breakfast of uppit. It was raining for the past few days and I expected the forest to be greeeen.

I stopped few kilometers from Haliyal, and ventured into the woods (not deep inside). The soil was wet and trees were dripping with rain drops.

Road was good most of the way except for few kilometers before Dandeli. I stopped on the bridge across Kali river and surprised to see rocks scattered over the water surface. During my last visit December 2006 the river was full and water was deep green.

Having come so far I thought let me go to Ulavi and on the way I could I also stop over at Syntheri Rocks ...I drove on. I passed by a graveyard and saw two men walking into it with a pick-axe and a spade. I guessed they were heading to dig a grave. The jungle got thicker as I drove on and I could see streams more often. The sky was filled with dark clouds and the air was humid and warm ...sign of rain.

Finally I was at the turn off to Syntheri Rocks. I bought tickets one for me and one for the car and took the dirt road. On the way I stopped by to take a picture of a tree and a spider caught my attention. It was a delicate looking one but hyper-active seems it was weaving a web.

I parked the car in the vehicle parking space and walked down the slippery steps into the valley ...I could hear the water gushing through rocks. This board greeted me to the spot should have been in red. One needs to be really careful on these slippery rocks, especially when they are wet.

The stream flows from the right to left passing through a narrow gap between rock formations...

...and cascades down into a pool and then flows away.

It looks as though tar has flowed down these rocks.

I sat here watching the water flow by raising a light mist. The caves and few pigeons sitting on the narrow ledge jut above one of the caves. I collected a few pebbles ...white colored and light weight.

Rain drops made me get up but I stopped to shoot these interesting life form out of dead leaves.

May be these two videos gives a good feel of the place.

By the time I climbed up the steps and reached th car it was pouring and I was sweating too. And by the time I reached the main road it was raining cats and dogs. I turned left towards Ulavi.

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