Magod Waterfall

From Sirle, Veena of Sirle, Veena of Idagundi, Vinaya and I came back to Idagundi. Veena's mother packed lunch for us and we tagged Veena's cousin Mahesh and left to Magod. We drove back towards Yellapur, turned off NH63 to our right and from here it was a short drive. Road was in good condition.

The place is breathtaking: river Bedti dives into a gorge 200 meters deep. As you see, it's a two stage waterfall.

We spent some time admiring the beauty and power of nature.

We threw stones into the gorge, attempting to see if it would land into the water below... no chance! The gap is too wide for us to send a stone flying across it. In fact I took these shots standing about two feet from the edge of the cliff. One wrong step... free fall to the bottom of the gorge. I wish to revisit this place during rainy season.

We lunched under a huge tree. Lunch was pulav, white rice, sambar and mitka banana. Lucky we were not harassed by monkeys, they seem to have a bad reputation here.

We debated if we should visit the near by Jenukalgudda but we dropped the idea after Mahesh told us that the place is good to see sunset. Some other time. We moved on to Kavdikere, a small lake with mythological importance.

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