Unchalli Waterfall

After my visit to Yana, I drove back to Sirsi, filled petrol, fixed the flat tire, had a cold shower, had breakfast and headed towards Unchalli Waterfall. Half way down I saw police workers retrieving a Maruti Alto which had fallen off the road 30 feet down. I guessed the mishap had happened a day earlier. Drivers can be so careless... Soon I reached the end of the road. From here it was a short trek down a steep dirt track.

The watch spot was on the edge of the cliff. Little carelessness here could be fatal. The gorge is 100+ meters deep. Water picks up momentum as it goes down and a huge sprays fills the entire gorge. Notice the rainbow in the middle of the picture.

In the picture below, right bottom, you can see a path which possibly goes down into the valley. One of the visitors wanted to be brave and go down. I discouraged him. After hearing me and another person from his own group, he changed his mind.

I think about Unchalli and Magod waterfalls as sisters because of their similarities. Both are deep and inaccessible, their beauty has to be appreciated from a distance.

A short video-

I wanted to stay for some more time but I had to go to Banavasi and then head back to Dharwad. I'll surely come again when it starts raining. On the way back, police workers had pulled up the car, it was lying across the road, badly damaged. I wish the passengers are OK.

My next destination of th day was Banavasi.

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