my Kinetic Honda is 20 years now

I got my Kinetic Honda on March 26, 1990.

Some of my friends and BMS classmates teased me for choosing a ladies vehicle but I did not care; what I wanted was a multi-purpose vehicle. I really liked the self-start feature, the lighting, the instrument panel, seating comfort, the acceleration, the braking... and I could keep riding in rains without getting my feet dirty. I nick-named it 'WIFE'. We have traveled 120,000 kilometers; within city and out station trips put together.

Some of places visited are listed below (start & end point is Bangalore)-

It has served like a goods carrier to move load cell elements and other items. I remember carrying close to 120kg on the floor board. The front wheel would start wobbling if I tried pushing beyond 35kmph and the rear wheel would lift off the ground every time I braked hard. Basically the scooter is rugged, it could take rough usage.

Right now it's not in running condition. I wish to get it back on road... lot of work to be done.
  • engine work
  • replace tires
  • replace battery
  • repaint body

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