Sree Veerabadreswara Temple, Belavadi

September 10th.

Our first stop of the day. Belavadi was not on the agenda. We had almost gone past it, we turned back.

That's Sree Veerabadreswara Temple of Belavadi. It is an ancient structure with a touch of modernity ...paint!

Who ever is the artist, his taste matches mine. I liked the white, red and gold combination.

Ancient sculptures of a small pillar and a raised bowl can be seen here.

More gold least gold does not camouflage tiny details in the sculpted doorway. However the temple is maintained well.

The entire yard surrounding the temple is watered and swept clean.

Ancient sculptures of snake gods.

The orange colored structure is also an ancient structure, probably it is the temple mantapa where travelers could rest or it was used to hold meetings.

If I'm not mistaken, this is the very structure from which Madiwaleswara of Garag is supposed to had appeared and thrown gold coins to people of Belavadi.

The brave warrior queen Belawadi Mallamma,

and Raja Eshaprabhu.

Beautiful paintings by Ningappa V Karikatti.

We stopped on the ramp leading up to the bridge across river Malaprabha ...actually it seems more like backwaters of Saundatti reservoir.

We drove on to our next destination of the day- Sogal.

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