Sri Chandramouleswara Temple, Unkal, Hubballi

Chetan told me about this temple. I was happy to know that Hubli, the commercial city, had such a beautiful temple to boast about but also sad to see the condition of the temple. The open space around the temple is a playground for local boys. A big gang of college going boys were playing cricket noisily, not caring where they are sending the ball, with another bunch using the temple platform as their gallery.

The temple is supposed to be 900 years old and the architecture is similar to the temples of Badami, Pattadkal and Aihole. I feel it's pretty close to temples of Belur and Halebid in terms of the base, the raised platform.

Inside are two Shiva Lingas. The first one is enclosed in a square chamber which has doorways on all 4 sides. One can see the Linga from all 4 directions.

The second Linga is known as Chaturmukha Linga; four faced Linga. The pedestal seems to be carved out of the same stone which forms the floor around this Shiva Linga.

As you see, pooja is offered everyday. If not for this the temple could not be cared for.

I went around looking at the decorative sculptures. This temple is no less compared to some of the major attractions in terms of detailed and precision work.

These panels remind me of temples of Itagi.

A peacock motif. Note the semi-circular bangle holding the two curtains flowing down. Such details! How did the creators imagine, design and then actually create them in stone?

Some parts of the temple in pristine condition.

Ugranarasimha looking down from the terrace.

This piece of work expresses engineering skill.

That's the rear door.

Engineering and art join hands.

Front left portion of the temple...

Hindustan tractor and Basavanna co-exist in Unkal just like rest of Karnataka and many parts of India.

Sri Chandramouleswara Temple coordinates: 15°22'35"N 75°6'59"E.

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