I heard about Sudi while researching information about Gajendragad. Until then I'd never even heard the name.

November 2010

Sudi, a village between Ron and Gajendragad, has two ancient temples, two stone Shiva Lingas, a Basavanna, Ganapati and a twin towered temple with a Basavanna and two Halegannada inscriptions.

Mallikarjuna temple

The temple is surrounded by houses. The temple is regularly used for a variety of activities by the village people. Some farmer did not bother to clear the heap of green-gram waste.

An inscription at the temple entrance. A local priest performs pooja everyday.

A little Basavanna sits opposite the sanctum sanctorum.

Architecture is Kalyani Chalukya, similar to the temples of Pattadkal and Aihole.

That's the shikhara.

Very close to Mallikarjuna temple are two eye-catching Eshawara Lingas, a damaged Basavanna, a huge Ganapati and an open well called Nagakunda- all enclosed within a compound.

Flat top Eshawara Linga in a mantapa.

Round top Eshwara Linga.

The Basavanna with a damaged snout.

Lord Ganapati.

Belly is so big and round! The idol gives an impression that tummy is heavy with food. A snake is tied around the Lord's midriff.

Few feet from the Ganapati temple are two idols of two robbers who were punished for their evil deeds. This half buried statue is one of them.

The decorated stepped well. In the ancient times, every temple had one Kalyani. Water is an essential component of pooja items in any temple.

Jodu-Kalasa Gudi ~ Twin Tower Temple.

This temple is located on the outskirts of the village right next to a high school... could be a pre-university college. I was shocked to see trash littered in & around the temple; playing cards, bottles, cigarette butts, gutka sachets, and what not. Utter disregard to the monuments.

However, this beautifully decorated Basavanna is pretty well preserved.

Two thick slabs with Halegannada ~ ancient Kannada inscriptions are defaced badly. Overall the entire temple is neglected.

I sent an email with a photo of the defaced inscription to an ASI official in New Delhi. No response until now.

A close look st the text... neat and well rounded. I cannot write, my mother-tongue, so neatly on a paper :( Makes me wonder how those guys sculpted such neat letters on stone.

Check out the canopy, looks as though it's carved out of wood.

I wish people of Sudi, especially the youth, take an initiative to preserve their monuments which have given an identity to their village.

Videos shot at Sudi.

Sudi coordinates: 15°43'57"N 75°51'57"E

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