Closer look at Tarakeshwara Temple

The sculptures you see below must be relatively recent creations. I say that because of the subjects adopted in these sculptures.

A dancing couple.

A voluptuous woman.

Love-making scenes.

A staff. I remember seeing many more staffs with slight variations.

An archer with bow and quiver full of arrows. A sexy woman. Woman giving birth assisted by a midwife.

A mother breast-feeding a baby. River with tortoises and fish. A man holding an idol.

No idea what the first image is. A woman churning curds. Must be Krishna, holding a flute, surrounded by cattle.

Man displaying strength by balancing an ox-cart on his legs. Must be sugarcane stalks with the a young boy. Looks like the woman is trying to console a crying child.

Closer looks at the man hauling an ox-cart.

A sexy curvy woman. no idea what the other two scenes depict.

Man with a serpent. Must be Hanuman with a three headed serpent. No idea what the third image is about.

A very sexy and curvy woman!

Must be Ardhanareeswara, Bhringi and a dog.

Scenes from Ramayana: Laxmana cutting Shurpanaki's nose. Sita and Rama looking at the golden deer. Maricha dying after being struck by Rama's arrow.

Death of Maricha. Rama shooting with a bow. Hanuman with...

A battle scene. Should be Indra on Airavata. No idea who the third character is.

I wonder who these characters are.

A hunter. A hugging couple. The naked woman seemingly absorbed in worship of some sort.

Another voluptuous woman. Characters with unique attire and hair style. The male character on the right is carrying a whip over his shoulder.

Sages worshiping Shivalinga.

These characters seems to be warriors.

A series of unfinished to about to start images: Posterior of a nude woman. A kissing couple. A standing man.

Some more unfinished work: Love-making couple. No idea... Man hugging a woman from her back.

Must be monkeys building a bridge to Lanka.

My guess: Lord Shiva in hunter form. Shiva-Parvati dancing. The man and woman are upto something...

These little characters are hardly noticed. The floral designs caught my attention.

With so many things to see, its easy to miss out interesting sculptures. In spite of having seen so many such temples I simply cannot stop wondering how people of those days created them.

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