Shishunala Sharief Saheb Memorial

Shishuvinhal, some time 2000 or 2001. That was my first visit. Back then a simple mud wall surrounded Shariefsaheb's grave. The place had a peaceful ambiance.

May 27, 2011.

Frankly speaking I had seconds thoughts about getting off the car. The sight of concrete and unfinished building and construction material put me off. Everything here has changed so much.

Care takers do work hard to keep this platform clean and tidy.

I do not remember visiting this temple during my first visit. The temple is dedicated to Sharief Saheb and his mater Guru Govind Bhat.

The inside was untidy, behind me was a heap of flowers and other left overs.

Guru Govind Bhat and Sharief Saheb.

One of the posters depicting significant events from Sharief Saheb's life.

Temple's front has two open chambers with idols of the master and his disciple.

Guru Govind Bhat
Shishunala Sharief Saheb
Sharief Saheb's grave Coordinates: 15°5'9"N 75°19'16"E

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