Shri Ashwatha Narasimha Temple near MK Hubli

July 21, 2012
Ashwatha Narasimha Temple is about 150 meters from Gangabike Memorial. Google map screenshot of the location. River Malaprabha flowing West to East turns South and almost immediately turns North. Place where river flows North is considered holy, usually one can find a temple at such spots.
That's Malaprabha's muddy water.The flow was not exactly slow. This is the temple bathing ghat.
No idea what made me look towards my feet, and I saw this little tortoise floating inches from the stone platform with its belly up. I'll not another chance like this to hold a tortoise in my hand. I picked it out of the water. It withdrew its tiny head and legs... scared!

The other side. On the left you can see the tiny head. Is this is a baby tortoise?

One of the two uncles in company suggested we take it home and leave it in the well. After a short discussion we decided to leave it back in water ...let is continue its journey.

I sprinkled few drops of water over my head. A Banyan tree dominates the temple complex.

That's the main temple, it was closed after morning rituals.

 Perhaps the temple doors open for evening rituals.
A tiny shrine and twin Brindavans opposite the main temple.

This is supposed to be temple built much before Krishnadevaraya's time. It is said that Ashwatha Narasimha temple was renovated by  Krishnadevaraya's successor Achyutaraya and hence it is locally known ad Achyutarayana Katti.

A smaller temple dedicated to Shiva Linga.

Ashwattha Narasimha Gudi Coordinates: 15°42'24"N   74°42'34"E

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