Gooty Fort

During one of the numerous trips to Kurnool, we made up our mind to visit Gooty fort.

The fort is located on rocky hill, it was one of Tipu Sultan's stronghold. There are no guides here and we just went exploring. The fort seems to be simple but it's quite complex.

That's Dipi and behind him must be dungeons for prisoners.

The hill offers a very good view of the surrounding area, soldiers could get early warning of any attacks by armies. I think for Tipu this was on of the strategic forts. The other important strongholds in this stretch are Kurnool up North and Penukonda, Nandidurga and Devanhalli down South.

That's the highway to Bangalore.

That's Shaji, Nagesh and Praveen.

In the picture below you can see a cemetery, it's a Christian one. Probably Britishers who ruled us are buried here.

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