Kittur Rani Chennamma

These are a series of paintings on display at Kittur museum. There were many more interesting paintings which I missed shooting. These paintings are created by several artists during Kittur Utsav few months back.

Kittur Vaadae main entrance, facing east
Chennamma as an infant. Born on October 23, 1778 at Kakati. 
As an young girl at school
Chennamma in as an youth
A scene from an hunting expedition.
During the hunting expedition; Chenamma claims her arrow killed the tiger while Mallasarja Desai asserts his arrow killed it. Admiring Chenamma's courage he offers to marry her.
Chennamma mourning a relative's death.
Chennamma with her bodyguards, preparing for a battle.
Chennamma engaged in a fight against British forces.
Chennamma leading her army into the battle-field.
Chennamma charges on as Amatur Balappa slays John Thackeray, the British Collector.
Sangolli Rayanna disguised as an ascetic meets Chenamma at Bailhongal jail. Rayanna assures Chennamma that he is continuing the struggle against the British.
Chenamma a prisoner lodged at Bailhongal jail; speaking to her trusted allies.
Sangolli Rayanna being captured at Dori by deception. Rayanna is handed over to British officers, later he is hanged to death at Nandagad.
The news of Rayanna's death broke Rani Chenamma's will to live, she dies on 21 February 1829 at Bailhongal jail. Her mortal remains are buried at Bailhongal.

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