Banashankari Temple

Banashankari is about 3 or 4 kilometers from Badami.

That's one of the many Deepastambas around the temple.

The tower sits on the edge of the temple pond - Pushkarni. Unfortunately during my visit, the pond was completely dry. The tower is multi-storeyed, it's hollow with places to light Deepas inside. One can go till the terrace where you can see it's mast. This tower can host thousands of oil lamps. Wish to see it lit up during a night.

That's a view of the pond bed through one of the windows.

I'm not sure if this too is a lamp tower but it's a part of the main temple.

I've seen this type of Deepastamba in lot of temples in North Karnataka and parts of Maharastra.

Travelers shelter all around the Pushkarni.

My last visit here was sometime 2003. One of the days in the near future I'll visit Banashankari temple again.

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