Kalgudi of Degulahalli & Parshwanath of Kasamalagi

A short drive from Devgaon is Degulahalli. Village people guided me to Kalgudi ...a Shiva temple in ruins.

The temple's on the village outskirts, beyond it is just fields.

I climbed up to the terrace to get a better view of the lion faced sculpture. It's a wonderful piece of art work Nataraja with ten hands. The lion face has a real scary look.

I remember seeing characters similar to this in movies and video games.

A 3 feet tall Basavanna facing the Shivalinga. Of all the Nandis I've seen all are calves except for this one. This is clearly a grown up ox.

Stones throw away is the Madivaleshwara Mutta. It is believed that Madivaleswara of Garag established this Mutta.

I happened to meet one of the locals and was offered tea. We had tea together at the Mutta. I happened to notice that Jain community makes up a good percentage of the population in this region. I bid bye to my hosts - Jinappa Majgavi, Shankrayya Hiremut and his son. There was another person Sunil Bajannavar who had to leave on some urgent work. I drove towards Kasamalgi.

Kasamalgi is about 6km from Degulahalli. I was expecting to see a large statue but to my surprise it was a small one ...about three feet tall. The statue was found buried at... not sure if it's Devgoan or Kittur. It seems the worker digging away happened to hit the buried statue and the pickaxe bounced off with a loud noise. Work was stopped and the statue was discovered. Later it was installed at a small temple located in one of the narrow lanes of Kasamalgi.

I tried all possible angles to get a decent shot... Anyway, I saw the statue with my own eyes. One has to see the statue in real. I have no words to describe it.

From here I went towards Bidi, my next destination was Halasi.

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