Amboli Ghats

I heard about Amboli sometime January 2010. Not the right time of the year to visit- that's my opinion. During rainy season the streams would be flowing, cascading and diving of hills... that's when we got to see during our visit mid July.

This trip was with two uncles, two cousins and a brother-in-law and my uncles family friends ...11 in all. A Trax Cruiser was hired for the trip. We left Dharwad by 6 30 AM, drove towards Belgaum. We stopped at Hotel Milan for breakfast and continued our journey towards Amboli. It was green every where... trees, paddy fields, hills, valleys...

We stopped by to check out this plant which covered entire hills ...looked just like a tea estate.

Our third stop was at Nangatarasakari Temple and Waterfall.

As you see this is a very unique waterfall... looks as though the shaft is man-made... like an open-well.

The pictures above do not describe the scene fully should watch the video.

Our next stop was at a sight-seeing point...

Except for this pavement nothing caught was in my interest ...very slippery.

Our next stop was at Amboli Dab-Daba- the most popular site on this stretch. In fact for tourists coming from Belgaum side this is the last sight-seeing point. If you drive along the road you'll reach Goa.

Two cousins and the BiL climbed up the cement steps leading to the base of the waterfall. I was in mood to get wet, I stayed back with the rest of the group.

I bought a roasted sweet corn for twenty rupees ...what a rip-off!

To escape the trouble-some monkeys, I went walking with the corn in my hand... a cave like formation on one of the adjoining hills.

Our next destination was Hiranyakeshi Ugamastan- birth place of river Hiranyakeshi.

Scene under the bridge was interesting.

Check out this short video to see a natural tunnel formation.

A ten minute walk brought us to this temple and a little cave. Water flows from under the temple flows into the little pond and flows in the jungle. Even though the place was filled with people, I did not find it noisy. The jungle created a different ambiance.

Inside the cave I had to bend at the waist.

This definitely an ideal spot for families to have fun. We had lunch watching a noisy group play in water.

After lunch I went exploring the woods. I liked the place. I wish to revisit next rainy season.

We walked back the ten minute stretch in rain. Drove back towards Belgaum.

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