Purasiddeshwara Temple, Haveri

May 27, 2011

An interesting 11th century Western Chalukyan temple. The temple is well cared for, it surrounded by a nice garden. This garden seems to be a favorite place for spending summer evenings.

The temple features two types of columns. The ones in the center are turned & polished. the ones standing on the seating platform have ridges and octagonal bases.

Nagareshwara temple of Bankapur features columns with ridges.

Om Namah Shivaya

A well preserved idol of Lord Ganesha.

The exterior is quite similar to that of Nagareshwara temple.

A pot which collects holy water from Garbhagudi? I've not seen anything like this before.

The stepped Shikhara.

Each of the step has a slab shaped like a frame. The inside of the frame is blank and rough. Perhaps some delicate images of gods were to be fit in there.

Who could be that bearded and turbaned character?

Even though straight lines dominate this piece of work it would not be an easy one. The symmetry and precise spacing of columns would require an experienced hand. Surely specialized tools would have been employed in this job.

Amazing curved edges and curved surfaces.

A female character sitting cross-legged atop a shikhara.

Two female drummers.

This sculpture is something different. Color of the stone is also different.

A male god with 4 arms. The right hand are wielding a sword and a staff. One left arm is missing and one is partially damaged. The partially damaged hand hold a staff with a skull stuck on the end. Very interesting!

Some more noticeable works.

Curvy women in transparent short sarees, decked with jewelry and standing artistically.

This woman is holding a fan. Perhaps she's a royal attendant.

With a mirror in her hand surely she's admiring her beauty. Wish i could climb up ans see if the sculptors have polished the mirror.

This must be a work assigned to an apprentice or an amateur sculptor.

The only video I shot here-

Purasiddeshwara Temple Coordinates: 14°47'26"N 75°24'37"E

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