Adargunchi Doddappa and Budarsinghi Hanumappa temples

Adargunchi Doddappa temple was known but unseen. I had heard the temple had a big statue of Mahaveera. Somehow we missed it during the visit to Shambulingesvara temple at Kundgol. I was thinking of driving up one of the weekends just for this. Then a wedding invitation put the plan in action; we were to attend a friend's wedding at Karadgi, another historical place.

December 9, 2012
We left home after breakfast. With Ashok at the wheel, we reached Adargunchi quickly, his driving was faster than any of the other cab drivers. Adargunchi is a small village located on the state highway connecting NH4 to Kundgol. As long as you ask for Doddappana Gudi anyoen can guide you, its right next to the bus-stand. At the temple a middle age man tagged on guiding us in and showing us around. That's Doddappana Devastana and our guide (see inset). I'd promised him to put his picture on the net :-) A pair or feet at the temple entrance.

That's Doddappa, a slightly larger than life statue. It is a Jain sculpture. Some places people are obsessed with painting temples and in some places its bathroom tiles. I wonder why? Anyway, coming back to the statue, its a tradition in this village for newly wed girls to sit on Doddappa's lap once before setting off to husband's home.
Doddappa temple is south facing and within the Garbhagudi is a east facing Shivalinga mounted on a large pedestal. Basavanna sits just outside the Garbhagudi (see inset).
A short video of the temple-

Its our habit to inquire for other historical monuments within the village or nearby. One of the folks suggest us Hanuman temple at Budarsinghi, on the other side of NH4. Budarsinghi is a smaller village and also peaceful. That's the temple main gate. It does look ancient but renovated.

This is the open space between the main gate and the core. The structure on the left seems to be built in 1960s. A small pillar mounted Basavanna next to the inner gate catches our attention.

The pillar is not an ordinary one, it has Kannada inscription on it. See inset for a closer view. We are trying to guess when this temple was built.. the top portion of the temple front is similar to the temple at Gangambike Memorial.

It's well maintained. thanks to the people who have taken the interest.

The interior surprised us, especially the presence of large columns. The top portion of the columns are artistically decorated. The sight of these columns reminds me of a royal palace. In fact the structure consist of more columns partly hidden in the walls.

Notice the elaborately Garbhagudi face and door-frame. Oil-paint is concealing the detailed sculpturing.

Jai Hanuman!

Entwined serpents on either sides of the Garbhagudi.

The white-black structure is the original temple- Garbhagudi and Shikhara. The front portion is an extension.

On the outer walls are several interesting images. Hanuman and Garuda. exchanging some object. The tree in the background has life within it- a parrot, a monkey and at least one more bird.

No clue who these characters are.
Lord Hanuman in a Mantapa with a tall Shikhara. No idea who this asana performing character is. The fish seems to be smiling.

Video of Budarsinghi Hanuman temple.

For those interested in visiting these places, this map might com handy.

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