Byadgi Chilly Market

I used to frequent Byadgi APMC (Agricultural Produce Market Committee) during 1999 - 2000 to install an electronic weigh bridge. The work dragged on... staff had real bad attitude to work.

Anyway, we managed to get the weighbridge working.

We saw different seasons of the market, peak and slack. During the peak season, I saw red everywhere; massive heaps of red chilly, women sitting around cleaning & sorting and men filling and weighing sacks and loading trucks.

The place, not just the market, the entire town buzzes with activity; trucks, bullock-carts, material, people, dogs, pigs... The air in the market is strong with the aroma of chilly.

This where I first saw how tough a farmer's life can be. They toil and sweat in the fields for months to get a good yield and bring their produce to the market to be harassed by the heartless APMC staff. Everyone of us, should know what a farmer goes through to feed the country and learn to value food. Never ever take food and water for granted.

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