Horsley Hills

This was one of the wildest trips I'd ever been. I picked the place out of Andhra map and planned the trip... route, time and all.

Satish, Prithvi, Ganesh, Praveen (Mama) and I took off on my Kinetic Honda scooter and two Yamaha RX 100 bikes. We left Bangalore at 6PM with one tent, booze, soft drinks, a one-foot Rambo style knife. We hardly travelled 45km, these guys stopped (against my wishes) at a road-side restaurant on the outskirts of Kolar. these guys were desperate for booze. We had dinner too and the session went on till 10PM.

The journey resumed, we continued towards our destination... Madanapalli and then Horsley Hills. We crossed Karnataka-Andhra border and after few kilometers, we stopped at a fork, we were confused and the map was confusing us even more. So we waited for some vehicle to come by... a KSRTC bus almost ran Satish who was waving at the driver to stop. After about 5 mins, a Ambassador car came by, this guy stopped but a good 30 meters away from us. Satish walked towards the car trying to find out the directions... the driver just took off. It was Mama's doing- he waved the knife at the car driver and done the same at the bus too. Finally we decide to take the direction of in which the bus and car had come.

2 AM, Madanapalli was sleeping except for two guys loading something into a car... We asked them directions for Horsley Hills and took off in that direction. We really took off since the roads were very good. At times I hit 90s on my Kinetic Honda even though it was not comfortable with a box full of bottles and a tent on the foot-board. We reached the hill-station but the place was sleepier than Madanapalli, not a soul to be seen anywhere! It was 3AM. The place was dark & misty and we were tired & sleepy. We did not bother to look for a hotel. We found a level grassy patch and pitched the tent.

Prithvi, Ganesh, Praveen, Satish
The tent was too small for five grown-ups and especially with four drunks. I did not sleep at all... foul air, snores, stones poking from beneath and cold air. I was just waiting for dawn and the moment I saw light, I asked these guys to wake up. No. No response. I just crawled on them out of the tent! Freshened my mouth with 'Sprite' and started looking for a tea-joint. Nothing in sight. We rented a guest house for few hours, had tea and freshened up. By the time I finished my bath, Mama, Prithvi and Ganesh were drunk! At 9 30 AM!

Drunk at 10-30 AM
We rode around the place... not a very big hill-station but a beautiful one. It's named after a British army officer Horsley. Andhra's highest point is located at Horsley Hills. We climbed up and finally reached a point where we had to climb through a tree's branches to cross-over to another rock. Only Prithvi and I went right to the top. Mama and Ganesh were too drunk for the adventure and Satish... Forget it!

We did some more sight-seeing before we decided to head back. The down-hill ride was fun, we free-wheeled most of the way, leaning heavily through the curves.

Dog looking at Prithvi
This time, we headed towards Chitamani instead of Kolar and stopped for a typical Andhra meal. We stopped on and off through the journey... just like that.

An unforgettable trip!!
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